Laut Huex Reflect iPhone 14 Case - Pink

Sale priceR 299


Product Information

Hues Reflect is a stunning iPhone case that has a shimmery effect that puts you and your phone in the spotlight!

The radial reflection design scatters light in every direction. The shiny and bright colours help to make sure you are the center of attention! Featuring hard tactile buttons and stunning colours this case is perfect for when you want your phone protected while looking remarkable!


Radial Reflection Effect: The shimmery radial design on this phone reflects the light in fun, interesting patterns!

Drop Protection: Certified to survive drops up to 10 feet / 3 meters.

Trendy Colors: Modern colours complemented by the glossy and iridescent finish.

Tough Case: An impact resistant case giving you protection where it matters.

Wireless Charging Compatible: Fully supported wireless charging.

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